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letzte Patch Notes
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# 06.10.2015 - 19:44:41

-Patch Notes- Current (v217.2) & Upcoming (v218, ETA: 1:00 PM EST Deployment)
Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v217.2

Upcoming Version: v218.0, ETA: 1:00 PM EST Deployment
- SotF Enhancements: Immediate Warpaints (freepainting doesn't require any items), Six Player Tribes, Megapithecus, Broodmother!
- Quetzalcoatlus & Flying Platform Saddle. (Airship?!)
- Option to Remove the default "sail" from the Raft Zwinker
- Machined Sniper Rifle
- Tranq Darts
- You can now lock and/or pincode Elevators
- Sarcos now swim in shallow swamp water, making them speedy deadly creatures in the swamp
- Improved server perf by 15% using server-side movement optimization
- When aggro'ed, flyers no longer wander to a random point before attacking
- Swapped Fria Curry/Calien Soup Food-Water buff effects, as originally intended
- Server Admins can now set in their Game.ini:
- Reduced rubber-banding and camera-flickering when moving upon a platform saddle.
- Raised Player and Dino Level Caps by +3 each

A Little Further Out:
- Mountable War Drums (the first instrument!)
- Creature Breeding & Babies! Yes, they will grow dynamically in real-time!
- Custom RP-oriented Recipe/Cooking System (including Skill-Based results)
- Sword & Shield
- Mosasaurus
- Apex-Kill Trophy Wall-Mounts
- Characters no longer bunny-hop when swimming up from the water surface
- Sit on chairs & benches
- ARK: Fear Evolved (event)
- DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf
- Specific Representative "on-ground" meshes for all dropped items
- Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky

Current Version: v217.2
* Fixed respawn rate & yield rate on Species X wild plants
* Fixed dino-player pushing through walls case
* Fixed inability to climb ladders at some angles
* Reduced effectiveness of primitive club on players by 10%
* Increased poison grenade gas duration and effectiveness by 15%
* Female Megaloceros don't grow horns anymore in singleplayer Smilie
* Sloped Roofs now count for "indoors" insulation calculation

* Fixed bug with "Rain" & "Snow" visuals only ever appearing once
* Fixed RCON performance issue on Linux/Windows (we think Zwinker
* Re-enabled 'Raw Socket' support on Linux/Windows Servers (use at your own risk, we believe there are stability issues with raw sockets but some hosts seem to like them Zwinker

* Hornless female Megaloceros added (25% faster but no attacks since no horns)
* Inventory Quality of Life: You can now sort inventory lists by various methods, and also text-search them dynamically.
* Craftable Consumable Bug Repellent. Yes!
* Poison Gas Grenade *cough cough cough*
* Primitive Club (great for conking people on the head and knocking them out, regardless of armor)
* Overstocked Snow Metal Rocks now yield Metal Ore at the same approximate rate as "Rich Mountain" Metal Rocks
* Trophy System (including the SotF Trophies!!!)
* Foliage fillrate performance optimization
* About +25%-30% server CPU performance gain due to Spatial Octree optimization
* You can now double-click an Engram to Learn It
* Engram Window automatically opens after applying all available Level Ups (will make it an option)
* Radios no longer take over Tribe Chat. Tribe Chat always functions as normal on its own "Channel".
* Inventory Slot counter
* Jerky crafting time reduced by 33%
* Fixed aquatic creatures following targets across water zones
* Fixed pop-in of underwater rock/canyon meshes
* Server VAC enabled! Auto Banhammmmerrr Go!
* Furniture and Gravestones are now dye-able
* Fixed snow-cave blockage, and ice mini cave o' doom killin' dinos/teleportin

[Unversioned Hotfixes]
* Fixed funky shadow casting from foliage destruction-meshes
* Fixed whacky bendy plant wind animation Smilie
* Added a function necessary for Servers hosting 'Survival of the Fittest' Total Conversion. If you want to host SotF 4.0, you should upgrade your Server to 216.2. (Clients don't need to).
* More server crash protection
* Fixed a couple server crashes
* Re-added missing "Small Crop Plot" Engram
* Improved Stag jump animation
* Fixed an NPC Spawn Zone that had improper spawning configuration
* Official Servers: Relaunching with -ForceRespawnDinos to destroy all wild creatures to flush out NPC's to new Biome configurations. (this will only destroy wild creatures that are NOT currently being tamed Smilie
* Dimorph Kibble is now cookable from Dimorph Eggs Zwinker
* Fixed issue with not being able to climb ladders on certain platform structures/rafts
* Fixed Mac rendering issue in Snow Biome (black screen)

Server Admin Note: Server Admins may wish to run ONCE with -ForceRespawnDinos, which will destroy all Wild Dinos at startup and respawn them all from the current ARK biome values. This will get you a more clean immediate existance of the correct species in Snow, Swamp, etc.
* Server Admin Note: One-Time Auto-Structure Demolish on Swamp and Snow Zones: To do this, which you can only execute once after updating to v216, run your server or game with this commandline: -StructureDestructionTag=DestroySwampSnowStructures
* Fixed Dino unboarding offset
* Fixed a case where you could push your character through structures
* Fixed a ladder issue
* Fixed issue with Turrets mounted on Rafts/Dinos not being able to hit targets reliably when shooting down
* Fixed some Admin Manager SteamID's display on Mac
* Fixed SotF crash
* Whitelisted Admins are now allowed to join full games and they also don't count towards the player limit
* Fixed double hud overlays when in spectator mode and showing long-range HUDs and near HUDs
* Fixed issue with client & server steep slope climbing desynchronization when riding a Tamed Dino
* Fixed issue with invisible weapon in hand after loading singleplayer game
* Fixed water tanks not giving resources when demolished
* Human and Dino Level Caps Raised +5 each
* Swamp and Snow Biomes!
* Beezlebufo
* Direwolf
* Megaloceros
* Fur Gear Set
* Dimorphodons now lay eggs
* Added some initial furniture structures: Wooden Chair, Wooden Bench, Simple Gravestone
* Fixed issue where dinos wouldn't follow an ally target a moving platform structure
* Fixed IK issue where dinos legs could latch onto surfaces above them
* Fixed issue where Total Conversion custom Maps weren't listed in the Host Session UI

Server Admin Note: We are currently investigating performance and stability issues that appear to be related to use of "Raw UDP Sockets" server connection mode. We have thus disabled Raw Sockets Mode on our Official Servers until we have resolved those issues, and we suggest that 3rd party server hosts and admins do the same (namely, don't use bRawSockets commandline, which will instead fallback to Steam P2P API).

* Fixed more server crash cases!
* Fixed another potential Server crash upon loading a savegame
* Fixed PvP Decay Timer starting at 0
* Fixed several kinds of Server crashes
* Carryable and Hawk-Style Throwable Dimorphodon (attacks whomever you throw it at Zwinker
* Paraceratherium & accompanying Platform Saddle
* Wall-mounted paintable canvas
* Structure Auto-Decay Enabled on Official PvP servers
* (Non-Platform-Mounted) Ballistas can no longer be placed near enemy foundations, and their damage has been reduced by 50% relative to structures, range reduced by 20%. They also no longer damage Plant Species X.
* Fixed incorrect Female pose when mounted on Ballista Turret
* Dev Kit: Mod authors can now custom-script their own new "Use Menu" options, with networking and saving of values, as well as override/remove any existing "Use Menu" options as they see fit. This will let them make much more powerful in-world items and character interactions Smilie
* Saddled Dinos can now accept SCUBA gear, equipments etc into their Inventories
* Fixed extra conflicting Input binding for flyers
* Fixed Shoulder-Mounted Dimos and almost certainly Monkeys disappearing randomish
* Players can no longer get stuck in an inputless state if reconnecting when mounted on a dino
* Fixed a bug with losing collision if you were knocked unconscious while being carried by a flyer
* Reduced Crop Plot Fertilizer consumption rate by another 50%
* Fixed a crash related to new Dev Kit features (ModifyStatusComponent, etc)

* Fixed some client-side crashes
* Fixed Oculus VR stereoscopic depth
Note: these are server-side changes for the most part, so any servers that want these fixes will need to update to 214.3!
* Trilobites move again
* Fixed status exploit with Fast Travel
* Changed flyer underground check to be a teleport rather than a kill, in case we have some underground area volumes still to beef up
* Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed a server crash: "ShooterGameServer.exe!UObjectPropertyBase::Identical()"
* Ballistas now do no damage at all to Auto Turrets
* Ballista damage vs stone structures reduced by 40%
* Singleplayer Ballista Bolts now only give you 1 bolt
* Fixed aquatic creatures getting into "falling" physics when knocked unconscious underwater
* Elevators can now be built on ceilings, within bases, etc.
* Fixed Stuck-Underground-Flyer Kill check
* Elevator movements now only get obstructed by static world geometry, not structures or characters
* All SCUBA gear pieces are now properly dye-able, male and female
* PvP Respawn timer is not used anymore in PvE games or in singleplayer mode

* Fixed Oculus Rift VR support <grumbles something about updated Oculus SDK/>
* New Feature: Custom Inventory Folders, on any Inventory. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE! <3
* New Structures: Powered Elevator Structures
* New Structures: Controllable Primitive Harpoon Ballista to place on structures and on the backs of your dinos (which damage stone structures at primitive tech level!)
* New Item: Plesiosaurus Platform Saddle! It's time to build your dino submarine bases, survivors!
* Fixed grabbing onto / climbing ladders while underwater
* Fixed getting tossed off by flyers if they had previously run out of Stamina even after landing
* Activated Forges/Production Inventories now continue to consume resources after game reload
* Personally owned buildings/dinos now transfer to offline players if kicked from Tribe
* Flyers can no longer hold onto players when landed, nor drop them through the ground
* Fixed Tribe issue with same-named Tribes causing members to get kicked
* Fixed Flyers sliding on ground when Encumbered
* Mods/TC's now have the option of FORCING more server PhysX Substeps, mostly useful for accurate Vehicle Physics (recommend 6 substeps & 0.03333 deltatime). See PrimalGameData.OverrideServerPhysXSubsteps and PrimalGameData.OverrideServerPhysXDeltaTime
* Wild Flyers will no longer get stuck on water and drown -- they'll fly out of water properly and head back towards landmass when necessary
* Fixed a savegame corruption case with large savegames: this is experimental, so try with "-noninlinesaveload" if you have any saves that don't load. We'll formally roll this loader change out in a subsequent patch after we're 100% certain it has no side effects.
* Dropped Eggs are no longer invisible after loading a singleplayer game
* Optimized server ragdoll behaviors/perf, and fixed a nasty client physx perf bug (well of despair perf problem)
* 25% more max structures per dynamic platform by default. for realz!
* Fixed up the physics of the flyer Air-Brake, ("Prone" binding, default [X])
* Fixed issue with firing rockets and other weapon projectiles not using accurate collision detection
Updated Primitive Server Values / Items / Engrams here:

* Fixed wrong-rotated Flyers (upside down etc)
* Can now summon Broodmother Tribute again
* Fixed endlessly running-in-place dinos
* Fixed dinos and players falling through ground on Low-Memory mode
* Fixed (it seems) disappearing Monkeys
* Official servers switched to Raw UDP sockets for increased perf
* Turrets no longer (fruitlessly) attempt to shoot rafts, they'll shoot the driver of the raft if they have line-of-sight
* Water dinos now correctly Follow rafts (or you when you're driving the raft)
* Flyers are now allowed to have riders while walking on the ground. Yay Smilie
* Fixed client invisible flyers on saddle-platforms
* Fixed wrong-rotated structure placements (campfires, etc) on saddle platforms
* Fixed crash when loading a save with platforms/saddles that have structures removed by a mod
* Option for server hosts to use direct UDP socket connections rather than Steam P2P, for significantly increased server network performance and stability! To enable direct UDP sockets mode on your dedicated server (for slightly increased networking performance & more optimized bandwidth utilization and potentially better long-term stability), use commandline option "?bRawSockets" (on Windows or Linux) -- you'll need to manually open ports 7777 & 7778 if you do so in order for your server to accept connections.
* Reduced Ptero Barrel Roll damage by 33% and increased its stamina cost by 90%
* Personally-Owned Tribe Governments will no longer allow Replacing Structures that the user is not authorized to Demolish
* Increased default max # of structures per dynamic platform (Saddle Platforms, Rafts) by 25%
* SCUBA Pants hypothermal stat now works when riding dinos
* Plant Species X now don't automatically reactivate after loading savegame if you have them Sleeping
* Fixed an issue with Electric Generators not linking to Electric Wires properly if they were placed after the Electric Wires, and thus unable to supply power outlets. (requires rebuilding them if you have any exhibiting this behavior)
* Current Character Stats no longer reset after a Fast Travel
* Spike Blockades can no longer be used to break falldamage
* Dragonfire now damages flyers
* Transponders & C4 now attach properly to Platform Saddled Dinos & Rafts
* Improved Dimorphodon collision box
* Flyers now remember their flying/walking state properly across save games (i.e. they don't fall out of the air anymore after load)
* Raft movements no longer get blocked/rubberbanded by dinos that are standing on them
* Fixed issue of Dinos not appearing in their correct location on Rafts/Platforms if you unmounted them when on a Raft/Platform
* Host Session UI no longer clamps the numeric values by sliders (i.e. you can input beyond-range values into the text boxes and they'll hold)
* Fixed Titanboas falling thru the air aboveground into Caves blow

Note: Server Admins can change the maximum number of platformed-creatures/rafts allowed on the ARK (a potential performance cost) via this commandline option: "MaxPlatformSaddleStructureLimit=Number" (or in [ServerSettings] of their GameUserSettings.ini)
212.1: Fixed -SM4/Extreme Low Memory Mode crashes with Plant Species X / Raft.
* Changed network protocol back to "SteamP2P", which includes automatic port forwarding, until we introduce an option for servers to dynamically optionally use straight UDP protocol (increased network performance).

* Fixed issue with Flyers potentially disappearing/sinking into water
* Fixed various Raft exploits...
* Fixed shouldered Monkey scaling issue
* Fixed swimmers/flyers taking damage when the server gets stalled (during a save, etc)
* Fixed issue where Flyers couldn't drop someone or attack after carrying them
* Fixed ragdolls possibly falling thru the floor when players die by hitting the ground from a large height
* Fixed Dino Inverse Kinematics getting bonkers wonky at low Server FPS
* Fixed the last (hopefully!) issue that could make Shouldered Monkeys disappear
* Added a [ServerSettings] server option "?PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=1.0" that can be used to increase the limit of structures on dynamic platforms. Beware, increasing this value could affect server performance!
* Page-Scrolled Chatbox will now stay scrolled even if new chat messages arrive
* Structures placed on dynamic platforms (Saddle/Raft) no longer have a "Max Height Above World" limit (i.e. allows building on Rafts over deep sea).

* Fixed (client-side) Dinos appearing to fall through Structures
* Fixed a case where Raft structures could get loaded rotated 'incorrectly'. (server-side fix)
* Fixed a painting crash
* Fixed a crash loading certain savegames ("Raptor Animation" crash)
* Fixed Dinos getting detached and warped when riding on bronto platform saddles / rafts (i.e. disappearing Dinos), and some visual issues on clients
* Fixed some bugs with painting (striped tigers, and some dye stacks not getting used), and loading painting templates is now about 10x faster
* Reduced some network bandwidth usage
* Fixed scale of structures on Rafts/Dino Platforms.

* Dinos & Players can no longer get pushed/dragge through structures / fall-through when on moving platforms (Rafts/Bronto Saddles etc)
* Player Data and Tribe Data are automatically backed-up and restored to avoid potential for corruption.
* You can no longer upload and download Dragons via the Obelisk Zwinker
* Raft collision improved (easier to climb up on), and jump rafts fixed
* Slightly Floating characters on Rafts fixed
* Admin "GiveColors #" command (w/o the "cheat" prefix), where # is quantity, to give yourself all color dyes, useful for testing the awesome new painting conversion tools ( ,

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